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Sushi Special (22 pcs)

California roll, yam roll, tuna roll with miso soup.

Spicy Sushi Combo (17 pcs) Spicy

Spicy dynamite roll, spicy tuna roll, spicy scallop roll with miso sou...

Dynamite Combo (16 pcs)

Dynamite roll, California roll, BC roll with miso soup.

Tuna & Salmon Combo (12 pcs)

3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs tuna, tuna roll, with miso soup.

Veggie Roll Combo (18 pcs) Vegetarian

Avocado roll, yarn roll, cucumber roll, with miso soup.

BC Sashimi Combo (12 pcs)

BC roll, tuna, salmon, ebl sushi, 4 pcs tuna & salmon sashimi with miso...

California Sashimi Combo (18 pcs)

California roll, tuna roll, 4 pcs tuna & salmon sashimi with miso soup...
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Combo B (20 pcs)

Tuna roll, salmon roll, California roll with miso soup.

Choose Combo (11 pcs)

Salmon 2 pcs, tuna 2 pcs, ebi 2 pcs. Choose 1 Roll - spicy tuna, dynamite,...

BC Combo (17 pcs)

BC roll, California roll, yam roll with miso soup.

Maki Combo (18 pcs)

Tuna maki, salmon maki, cucumber maki with miso soup.

Veggie Sushi Combo (13 pcs) Vegetarian

Vegetable roll, yam roll, 2 pcs inari with miso soup.
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Combo F (14 pcs)

Tuna, salmon, scallop, amaebi, hokkigai, tobiko, BBQ eel, snapper & negitoro...
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Combo A (10 pcs)

California roll, 2 pcs tuna, 1 pcs salmon, 1 pcs ebi with miso soup.